Ritual Magic

Ritual Magic.

Ritual magic is a hybrid of the other forms of magic: combining elements of spellcasting, enchanting, and alchemy into extended rituals that require preparation and can achieve extremely powerful effects.
Rituals require a source of magicka, which is used to pay the ritual’s cost, and require the person to prepare for a certain amount of time. The purpose of the ritual is to amplify the power of the source of magicka chosen. Because the ritualist is harnessing so much energy, there is always a potential for danger if the ritualist errs in the ritual.

Ritual Spellcasting

Ritual spellcasting is a means of utilizing rituals to power a spell.
A person can perform a ritual in order to utilize alternative magicka sources to power a particularly costly spell. This may be used to cast any spell that the person already knows.
To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose Spell

First, the ritualist must specify what spell they are casting.
Naturally, you may only use rituals to cast spells that you know.
The ritualist must also prepare for the ritual: this takes roughly six hours.

Step 2: Choose Magicka Source and Ritual Focus

Second the ritualist in question must choose a source of magicka to fuel the spell. They may use their own magicka reserves, a unit of alchemical ingredients, a filled soul gem, or any combination of any number of the above. If multiple ritualists are cooperating to perform a ritual, they can combine their magicka pools for the purposes of paying the magicka cost of the spell.

Additionally, each ritual requires a ritual focus. This is an item, which can differ from ritual to ritual, that focuses and amplifies the magic forces involved in the ritual. The nature of this item is left to the the person enacting the ritual, but it should be in some way thematically related to the ritual being performed. This can be anything from a human heart to an ornate tattoo created on the body of the person performing the ritual.

Step 3: Enact the Ritual.

This is where your cumulative effort comes into effect, you must prepare to cast the spell, using your own will as the guiding force to direct the power from your source, out through your Focus and into the world.
This may take some time, so you better be ready to focus. You do not want this to backfire on you.

OOC Explination
Next, the character makes a standard casting test following all of the rules for spellcasting, except for the final step, to cast the chosen spell. This is a thirty minute extended action. If the test is interrupted, the ritual fails.

Step 4: Let the Ritual Flow Out.

The magicka cost must be paid from the chosen magicka source.
If the Ritualist is using their own magicka reserves, it will drain them as a normal spell would.
However If the Ritualist is using a soul gem, it will drain the Soul Power from the gem, then the gem will crumble to dust.
If the character is using alchemical ingredients, the ingredients will be drained of whatever Magicka they possessed, then wither and fade to dust.

If for whatever reason, the Ritualist misjudged the amount of Magicka or Soul Power the Ritual was going to use, and there is not enough to pay for the completion of the Ritual. Be Prepared for the Worst, You have been Warned!

OOC Explination
If the character failed his casting test, the spell is not cast and the ritual has backfired. The GM will Roll on the backfire table corresponding to the school of the spell and add one to the resulting roll for each degree of failure.
Also if you do not pay the correct cost of the spell for the Ritual, it automatically fails.

Ritual Magic

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