• Celeyane Danevryn

    Celeyane Danevryn

    "I believe it." - Celeyane on many things.
  • Ra'Sava


    "Ra'sava thinks this will not end well"
  • Sashja


    "Get out of the Way or by the Name of Talos I will Crush your Skull with my Hammer"- Sashja to Malathar moments before he surrendered....With a Smile
  • Vendasea Milorothan

    Vendasea Milorothan

    Dunmer Dragon Knight
  • K'jaarti the Quick

    K'jaarti the Quick

    "K'jaarti knows he will beat you, because he is K'jaarti" -K'jaarti the Quick.. Moments before he Drank an Invisibility Potion to Flee
  • Malathar Strongarm

    Malathar Strongarm

    "If you beat K'jaarti, this isn't worth the gold they are paying me." - Malathar
  • Selania Sarados

    Selania Sarados

    "Bounty Hunting Pays Well.... if you survive." - Selania offering helpful information to a group of unlikely Adventurers.
  • Tazlin Telvanni

    Tazlin Telvanni

    "I find this situation vexing"
  • The Gendacson Brothers

    The Gendacson Brothers

    "Come Brothers let us show them what Nords can really do"
  • The Necromancer

    The Necromancer

    "Whoever this Necromancer is, he needs to be stopped..." - Ra'sava after a terrifying encounter with a Man, turned Flesh Atronach.
  • The Rolfson Brothers

    The Rolfson Brothers

    "We weren't going to kill ya, we were just going to hit you over the head with our clubs a few times" - Gunnar Rolfson.