The Elder Scrolls - A New Era

The First Meeting, The First Supper, The First Taste.

Adventure One: The Gathering.

It began as a simple trip. A way to see the world. A way to expand his Horizons!
But little did Ra’sava know that once he reached the border of Skyrim he would soon be detained and dragged to Riften, accused of Skooma Selling, Theft and Murder.

" Ra’sava is innocent I tell you! Let me go " The Mangy looking Black Khajiit cried as he was dragged through the front gate of Riften and off towards the Jarls Keep.
" Shut up Cat, We have your wanted poster right here, You have been caught. Now be a good criminal and come along as noisily as possible "

The World slows down to a Crawl and goes to Grey Scale as the GM supplies.
_What little is known about this Mangy Cat is that he seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and this is not just because he is nosy. No, this is because Ra’sava has the worst luck imaginable.
For instance, if someone were to flip a Coin, saying that If it were Heads Ra’sava would Win Fifty Thousand Septums. And if it were Tails Ra’sava would win One Hundred Thousand Septums.
Ra’sava would likely be hit by a Cart, Dragged off Twenty Kilometers down the Road where he would then roll down a hill, through several brier bushes before landing in a Pile of Dung, then promptly be attacked by a bear.. while the Coin then landed on it’s Edge twenty kilometers back up the hill.

And in this instance, Ra’sava was just about to be hit by the Cart.

" But it looks nothing like Ra’sava! You just think all Khajiit look the same! " He protested.
While he protested, the guard glared.
" Look look look " Ra’sava pleaded, stammering a little as he continued. " Ra’sava is a buisnessman, he does not deal in any illegal drugs "

And here comes the Cart…

At that moment, a small pouch inside Ra’sava’s bag decided to dislodge itself and fall to the ground with a thud which sounded remarkably a lot like an executioners axe.
" What’s this then eh? " The guard asked, retrieving the bag.
" That is.. eh.. That is Ra’sava’s Spices! Yes! His spices! "
The guard opened the bag and eyed the powder inside… then dipped his finger in and brought it to his lips.
" Bah! Moonsugar! "
" Uh. . . .Ra’sava can explain. " He choked out as the Guard hauled him away with renewed vigor.
" Enough cat! You will pay for your crimes "

It was at this moment that another Khajiit decided it was time to slink out of the Shadows and to take the spotlight from the Disheveled Dragee’.
" Cousin Ra’sava! Welcome to Riften! " He shouted, making broad gestures and ensuring that he had as much attention on him as possible. " What are you doing being dragged? "
" Huh? " Ra’sava said eloquently, before following up with " Uh.. Oh! Yes! Cousin! Hello! It has been so long! "
The guard stopped, he thought he recognized the new Khajiit, but he wasn’t too sure. Something about him prickled him though, and something else made him want to listen to what he had to say.
" Show him your papers Cousin! You are Citizen of Empire, you have them, yes? "
" Oh! Yes of course! "
The other Khajiit walked up and clapped the Guard on the shoulder and with a flourish produced Ra’sava’s legal papers, which to Ra’sava’s surprise, did not even know he had given them to him.
The Guard dropped Ra’sava and took up the papers and read them over.
" Cousin Ra’sava, it has been so long since Antonio has seen you. How have you been? "
" Ah, Cousin Antonio, it has been long indeed. Ra’sava has been fine.. up until he got accosted and dragged through the streets "

" Everything seems in order here. " The guard said begrudgingly.
" Ah! Excellent! Then you will let Cousin Ra’sava go now? "

It was at this point that it seemed like Ra’sava’s lack of luck were finally about to change.. but such things are just not meant to be.

The guard just looked at them both.
" Oh. . Antonio knows that look. It means that we are going to spend a night on a nice hay pile in a not so nice cell.. "
" Oh. . Great. . Just Ra’sava’s Luck. "

They both took a step backwards… and Antonio suddenly fell himself falling.
Ra’sava managed to save himself.. Until Antonio furiously reached out for purchase, caught Ra’sava’s shirt and ended up yanking him over the edge too.
They fell.
Into the waterway.
Into Water.
Two Wet Cats.

This had two effects.
The first being that everyone saw it, so now everyone had something to laugh at.
The second effect being that now the guard who was perusing Ra’sava was now out of reach.

The situation did not stop there however, and this is where the laughing began.
Antonio clawed his way out of the water to the wooden walkway around the base of the waterway, just as Ra’sava said " I am glad there are no Slaughterfish in here… There are no slaughter fish in here are the -" he was cut short by something biting down hard onto his tail. He screamed.
Antonio reached out to help Ra’sava get out " Give me your paw! I will help you out! " He called out to the flailing Ra’sava…..

The world once again grays out and goes into slow motion as the GM cuts in.
We now cut over to one of our other two players in this campaign. A young Nordic Woman by the name of Sashja, who has heard the commotion and has decided to come and inspect the madness herself.
This is what she saw.

She approached from the Waterway, having heard screaming and what sounded like two cats fighting in a bathtub, she decided she would intervene on her own behalf and save the cats the trouble, by swinging them out the window.
When she arrived and saw the scene that was unfolding, she couldn’t move any closer, perhaps a little too afraid to fall in with the Two Khajiit.
The one whom she didn’t know was Antonio, had now fallen back into the water, having been pulled into the water once more by the flailing Ra’sava.
" Oh Gods! Help Ra’sava! His poor tail! He feels the mighty Slaughterfish devouring it piece by piece! " He screamed as he flailed about in the water, trying to drag himself to the waters edge, much like his ‘cousin’ had just managed to do for a second time, and once again, having not seemingly learned his lesson.. offered to help Ra’sava out of the water again.
This time Ra’sava mustered enough composure to not be a hindrance to his feline helper and both of them managed to claw their way free of the water, without falling back in.
" Cousin Antonio! Tell Ra’sava what has become of his Tail, Ra’sava cannot bare to look. "
Antonio did.
" What do you mean it’s not that bad? I cannot feel my Tai- " He looked over at his Tail where a small Salmon had latched onto it. " Oh.. Lunch! "
Sashja shook her head in bemusement then finally approached.
" Well, that was a show. I don’t think you have to worry about that Guard anymore, it seems seeing you two go through that mess has amused him enough and now he’s wandered off.
That, or he simply thinks someone so clumsy couldn’t be a thief.
" Sure sure, make fun of Ra’sava… but he is looking on the bright side, he just caught Lunch! "
Sashja sighed and wondered what she had just gotten herself into. " Come on, let’s get that Tail looked at, a traveling healer just set up shop in town, she’s at least less likely to accuse you of theft than anyone else here… and she didn’t see the show. "

The world Grays out once more as the DM once again cuts in.
And now, as fate would have it, and how the stars have aligned and the gods have foretold… the first two PC’s would now meet their next future companion!

She sat by herself in the market, her stall a modest size, her wares a modest set of wares, her skills a modest set of skills, and her customer’s a modest pair of Khajiit and a Nord… And she was looking at a Tail.
" Well… " She said with a modest amount of concern and emphasis on the word.
It had the desired effect, Ra’sava’s eyes widened. " What is it doc?! Tell Ra’sava, will he have to amputate? "
Truth be told, the wound was a scratch at best, and needed no treatment at all, but she was a modest woman of modest tastes, and modest tastes couldn’t be bought on a modest sense of empathy alone.
" Oh, no. I can heal it " She replied with a modest smile.
" Oh good. " Ra’sava sighed happily, relieved. " Err.. how much will it cost Ra’sava… " He opened his coin pouch, nothing remained but the air within. " Ra’sava is uhh.. Broke. "
" Hmm. " A modest amount of inflection in the sound. " A donation wouldn’t go amiss. " Curse her Modest sense of empathy.
" A donation! Yes! Ra’sava can do this!.. Oh! Oh! He has an idea! Maybe Ra’sava can get some herbs for you? Yes! That is a good idea. He can collect the Herbs and help pay this one back. "
She sighed. " I suppose I better come, otherwise you might get yourself killed. "
" Pffft, it is only picking flowers! "
" Tail. Harmless Fish. Bite. " She offered.
Ra’sava scratched his head. " Oh. . I guess it wouldn’t hurt then. Uhh. .This one is Ra’sava. "
" I am Celeyane, I will come and be your repayment warden. "
" Oh.. Oh.. Great.. Okay.. " He said nervously.
" I will come too, I am Sashja. " The Nordic woman chimed in.
Both Celeyane and Ra’sava turned to face her, both of them seeming to have forgotten she was there for a while.
" What? I saw what happened to Ra’sava, so I think he definitely couldn’t go amiss without another arm helping him out. "
" Bah! Say what you will about Ra’sava… I got a free Lunch! "

And so our unlikely companions set off to leave the dangerous walls and deadly salmon of Riften, on their first quest!
In search of some peaceful flowers to decapitate and make into potions….



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