A Brief Rundown of Events and Recent(ish) History.
The Current time is 4E 207 – 6 Years after the Dark Brotherhood successfully killed the Emperor Titus Mede II as he was leaving Skyrim during the Dragon Rebirth events.
The Emperor has no ‘known’ heirs. (And as many know who played the game, Aramund Motierre was the one who orchestrated the death of the Emperor, and sits on the Elder Council).

Thirty Two years earlier the White Gold Concordat was signed, which ended the ‘Great War’ between the Thalmor and the Empire.
Not only did it end the war, but it gave the Thalmor certain liberties and rights within the empire.
Such as being allowed to hunt down and kill any and all members of the Blades, and to hunt down any and all people who worship Talos as a God, as both Talos and the Blades were outlawed to be followed or a part of (in the case of the Blades), and Worshiped (In the case of Talos).
The people of Skyrim felt betrayed by this act, and after years of the emotions brewing within the populace, they eventually started a Civil War to try and Drive the Imperials out of Skyrim. This Civil War was ended by the Dragon’s Being Resurrected and the Dovakiin pointing out that the Dragons were a far greater threat.

Skyrim was not the only people who felt the White Gold Concordat in a bad way, the Redguards also got the raw end of the deal. With area’s of Hammerfell being seeded to the Thalmor. The Redguards objected and proceeded to stop the Thalmor from taking over, which caused the Empire to ‘release’ Hammerfell from the Empire.

A brutal war continued on for many years between these two before another treaty was signed, which ended with the Thalmor leaving. But left parts of Southern Hammerfell in desolation.

Meanwhile, Earlier still than that, but still of importance is the Rise of the Argonians against the Dunmer.
After the Oblivion Crisis, Argonia seceded from the Empire, making Black Marsh into an independent province. In the aftermath of the Red Year (4E 6), the Argonians invaded Morrowind, in an event called the Accession War. The war was used by the Argonians both to exact revenge on the Dunmer for their past enslavement of Argonians, and to conquer territories lost in the Arnesian War. The Argonians were repelled; however they were able to conquer most of southern Morrowind. They appear to be neutral to the ongoing hostilities between the Empire and the Third Aldmeri Dominion.

As mentioned above, ‘The Red Year’ was the year that Morrowind succumbed to a grand series of unfortunate (disastrous) events.
The Ministry of Truth fell and caused Red Mountain to erupt, having nearly completely devastated all of Vvardenfell and Morrowind. This caused much of Vvardenfell to be covered in lava and destroyed many of the settlements. Solstheim was also affected as its southern half became ash and fire. Many unprecedented effects and aftershocks could be felt across Tamriel, and heart stones appeared along affected areas. As a result, most of Vvardenfell remains a volcanic wasteland, forcing many of its surviving residents to migrate into the nearby provinces of Cyrodiil, Black Marsh, and to Skyrim through Dunmeth Pass. In 4E 16, the High King of Skyrim gave Solstheim to Morrowind for refugees of the eruption.

That is about the Gist of it.
The summary for the important things is as followed.
The Dunmer have lost most of Central and Southern Morrowind.
The Dunmer and the Argonian’s do not trust each other and often do not get along.
In Skyrim, the Stormcloaks and the Imperials are currently in a Truce.
The Thalmor are disliked by many, and some even fear that even though they signed the peace treaty, the worst is not over yet.
The Redguard are a still not trusting of the Empire.

This story begins in Skyrim, near the borders of Cyrodil and Morrowind. In the Rift.

The Elder Scrolls - A New Era

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