Denizens of the World

Below is a list of some Categories of NPC’s that may be encountered in the world.
(This will now continue to be updated as more creatures are encountered)

Beasts and Monsters.

Animals and Creatures generally considered Monsters, Such as Bears, Wolves, Trolls and Giants.

Undead and Spirits.

Those who walk the world when they should not, such as Ghosts, Wraiths and Skeletons.


Beings artificial made such as Golems or Fabricants.


The creatures who call the planes of Oblivion their home.

Elemental Daedra.

Beings who call the Elemental Planes of Oblivion their home. (Slightly different from above)

Men and Mer

The average races of Tamriel, such as Bretons, Dunmer, Falmer, Nords ect.


Denizens of the World

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