The Gendacson Brothers

"Come Brothers let us show them what Nords can really do"


Ulf: A short dark haired Nord, Ulf is the youngest of the Gendacson boys, Lean and wiry he is true to his namesake the Wolf of the Falkreath Forest. He favors leathers and furs gear built to survive the wilds of Skyrim. His weapons are always near, his trusty crossbow nightwind, the dagger and hatchet he wields in a duel weapon style he refers to as wolfs jaws.

Bjorn: The Bear of Riverwood is a massive nord, his hair brown and eyes a stark blue. Strong and favoring axes in battle he is what many expect of a huge nord warrior who works as a lumberjack in Riverwood.

Eagil: The Eldest of the brothers the Eagle of Whiterun is lean and has sharp hawkish features. He often wears the cloths of a mage, trimmed with nord furs, and carries a worn walking staff in his travels.


The Descendants of Gendac Magnuson, a hero who battled against Molag Bal long ago the Gendacson family has a dark secret they drove three sons each born under a different Path to embark on a journey across Skyrim sworn to end their families curse.

Each son was born under a different Sign. Ulf the Thief, Eagil the Mage and Bjorn the warrior. The three sons upon reaching manhood took a vow to cure the families curse of lycanthropy. Growing up in Riverwood the family were close to nature and the forest. It was after their father gave into the hunger and curse in his blood that the three brothers made their vow leaving home in three different directions.

Ulf the Wolf- Ulf is a keen eyed, nimble and cunning Nord, and a man who loves the thrill of the hunt. He found his calling and rose above being a mere poacher when he watched a young girl murdered by a vampire during an attack. He found the steel in his nord soul and joined the dawnguard turning his love of the hunt against the monsters in Skyrim who prey on human lives.

Bjorn the Bear- Strong of body, slow in reflexs. Bjorn is a good Nord lad. Honnest and strong willed Bjorn is a bear in heart protective of his kin and kith. A devoted member of the Companions he feels that having a pack helps control the curse and that together they can cure the Gendacson family curse.

Eagil the Hawk- Is a strong willed, perceptive Nord who was born talented with magical arts, His journey from home took him to Winterhold where he joined the college seeking to master magic and esoteric lore where he feels a cure can be found. Though a user of magic he favors alteration and bound weapons, dabbling in other magics as needed. To him he is a nord as any other but his weapons and armor are magic itself.

The Gendacson Brothers

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