Tazlin Telvanni

"I find this situation vexing"


A short thin male Dunmer with dark grey skin and a neatly groomed goatee. He is an iconic wizard donning robes and carrying a staff and dagger as implements. Esoteric and strange trinkets and baubles adorn his belt as well as abundant potions.


Long ago in a time when Molag Bal attempted to rule nirn a Dunmer was born to house Telvanni. He has no love or talent for the swordplay of most Dunmer and found fire magic enticing yet limiting in focus. As he grew older the strong willed, paranoia consumed, socially awkward Dunmer devoted himself to the study all forms of magic, alchemy and enchanting. His mind a rare one able to grasp magic on nearly ever level. However it was also a mind riddled with what some would call insanity.

Tazlin Telvanni was convinced that there was something darker, something beyond the evils people know and understand. To him the evil we did not know was the most horrifying. To that end Tazlin Telvanni dedicated himself to understanding everything he could. An obsessive collector of lore he amassed a massive collection of lore in his lifetime, a collection hidden somewhere in a hidden library vault said to contain weapons, armor and spells of great power cached in secret. To this day many mages speak of Tazlins Vault with a sort of treasure hunters reverence. Alas none are quite sure where the vault is. A few suspect it may be in the Shivering Isles, others say it was buried somewhere in Morrowind. What is known is that Tazlin supposedly left clues and keys to bypass the Vaults defenses or so treasure hunters and conspiracy theorists among the mage order say.

What is known of Tazlin is a series of books known as Tazlins Memories, a collection of observations and paranoid ramblings and among it hidden invaluable esoteric lore. It is also suspected by some who seek Tazlins Vault that the Memories contain clues to locating and unlocking the paranoid mages secrets.

Unknown to most Tazlin was made one of the soul Shriven of Molag Bal as a young adult, part of what drove him was trying to restore his lost soul. As he delved into magic he started to make deals and work with Daedra and dark gods. In the end his paranoia and fear of loosing his mental power drove him to the mad god where it is said he made a deal with Sheogorath to prevent his mind from fading into the emptiness that eventually gripped all soul shriven. Unknown to most he does indeed reside on the Shivering Isles in a strange dark tower as something half-way between a lich and a living wizard. He spends most of his existence in study and developing more and more paranoid defenses and weaponry. Unknown to most Tazlin has a few moments of lucidity and shocking clarity where he works on a project of maddening scope to protect Nirn from Oblivion and its incursions.

Tazlin Telvanni

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