Selania Sarados

"Bounty Hunting Pays Well.... if you survive." - Selania offering helpful information to a group of unlikely Adventurers.


What is Known.

  • Name: Selania.
  • Race: Dunmer.
  • Profession: Bounty Hunter
  • Height: 5ft 9
  • Hair Colour: Black

Physical Description

Selania is of average height for a Dunmer, standing at 5ft 9 and carrying herself with a lithe grace of a hunter.
She is often seen wearing heavy earthy coloured clothing ranging from dark browns to rich dark greens, her heavy cloak is weather worn and seems to have lost most of the colour that it once held, now leaning closer to a dull forest green.
She possesses a exquisitely made wooden bow and two steel short swords which she dual-wields with ease.

Description on Abilities

She seems to be well accustomed to living in the wilds, the way she moves and her choice of weapons suggests that she is a Hunter of some kind, and she has proven it on several occasions, seeming to tend towards both Woodland hunting, and Bounty Hunting.
She also seems rather talented in Alchemy and possesses some knowledge in Rituals (One of which may be speaking to the Dead).

Selania’s thoughts on the Party Members


This Khajiit is an interesting one, I have watched him on multiple occasions when he thinks no one is watching him. He moves with the grace of a trained hunter at times and has a keen eye for trouble, specifically those who are causing trouble.
He seems to have a compulsion to stop those mistreating others, or to find a way to return the favour.
His intelligence seems quick, and he has some skill in Alchemy.
However at other times, I have observed him being deceptive and misleading, as well as being clumsy and loud.
I am unsure if this is also a part of him, or if it is an amazing act.
Either way, he will be one to keep an eye on.

This Nord is conflicted, I have both now heard her shout ‘For Talos’ in battle, and also curse the one who is fighting for the freedom to praise the now Outlawed Deity.
I would like to know why, but I am sure it will reveal itself in time.
She appears to be of a strong will and fiercely loyal to those whom she calls allies.
She has displayed a little talent in the arts of Restoration magic but seems to tend towards the much more Nordic way of things with her Martial Combat.

This Dunmer is an interesting one to say the least.
She displays prowess in both the use of Magic and Martial techniques.
She appears to summon weapons to her hands at will, I have seen now, A Longbow, A Long Spear and a Short Spear.
All of which seem made of a transparent Ice. I would be curious to see how cold these constructs are, or weather they are infact made of Ice at all.
It is a strange type of magic for a Dunmer to use, but I am not one to judge.
She seems rather competent in the use of both Mundane and Magical healing, something which I find very valuable and I am sure those she is traveling with does also.
However, she seems to be very naive or at least oddly out of touch with general knowledge or even how to react to people, or read people.

I know very little of this one, she is a recent addition to the group I have decided to attach myself to.
She is pursuing an interesting subject however. The Ancient Akavari art of the Dragonknight. This knowledge has almost all been lost, it would be curious to know how she would react were she to come in contact with some of the knowledge should it be found.
She is a talented Destruction Mage and shows promise with the use of her blade, one of which she looks to use as a Focus for her magic.


Selania Sarados

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