"Get out of the Way or by the Name of Talos I will Crush your Skull with my Hammer"- Sashja to Malathar moments before he surrendered....With a Smile


Sashja is a tall blonde Nordic woman , with long blonde hair in a pony tail and blue eyes. She is built fairly solidly, and her hands seem to be hardened and calloused likely from a life of labor.


Born and raised in Whiterun Hold, Sashja’s family were a relatively successful farming family until the Civil War broke out, and they were caught up in the middle. Though she was younger at the time , circumstances she did not fully comprehend save that it had to do with the Civil War caused her to lose her family.

Taken in by others in the Hold, she was raised until she could live on her own , leaving to earn her fortunes adventuring with the hope of one day starting her own farm again to spite those on both sides of the war, and especially the fucking Thalmor whom llkely benefited even moreso from the chaos of the conflict what it means to be a Nord of Talos.

Quick summaries on her opinions: (To be expounded on as time permits)

Jarl Balgruf : A good and decent man, if he still lives I’d be glad to serve his lands when I can properly own some of my own.

Ulfric Stormcloak: Fuck you, if you show hide or hair around me you traitorous fucking bastard I will drive my Warhammer between your legs and make sure you CANNOT BEAR MORE CHILDREN INTO THIS WORLD YOU BASTARD!

Stormcloaks: You call us traitors for not being willing to rise up against the Imperials. I’ll show you who’s a true daughter of Skyrim! SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T MURDER KITH AND KIN!

Imperials: You have become weak, and this has allowed the Nord people to suffer in Skyrim, but Talos would not want us to give up. Show us why we had been loyal to you before the White Gold Concordat, grow stronger, and drive the Thalmor out of Skyrim in Talos’ Name!

Jarl Elisif the Fair: You have my condolences, and I pray you find the strength to rule Skyrim, help the Empire grow stron so that we need not bear the yoke of the Thalmor any longer.

Thalmor: Fuck you, Fuck everything you live for, and LEAVE OUR LAND AND WORSHIP YOU POINTY EARED SONS OF WOOLY COWS!

Rasava: For a dodgy Khaljit, he’s certainly got an interesting idea for a business. Considering under him so far I have now a forge at my own disposal, he’s not so bad. Why you’d date a Senche I have no clue….

Celeyane: I can’t believe Rasava forgot she only asked for a donation. Ah well, for a Dunmer she doesn’t seem so bad.. even if she’s scared of fire. You’d think Rasava would be the one scared of fire. Ah well.

Vendesa: Using Akaviri steel, an interesting choice. But, I can’t deny your skill in battle. I’ll gladly fight by your side for the right cause.

Ingrid: Sister… you’re alive?

Death Hounds: "They are Black Death on four paws… breath of ice, teeth razors …. Talos preserve us! " — Said after an encounter with them.

Trolls: Do NOT Dodge into their fists.

Shadow-Skeevers: (?) Wretched little creatures… thankfully they fall quickly to a good solid blow.

The Shadow-man: Pray I never meet you in the Flesh, for my Maul will be imbedded into your skull. You’ll need that Mask when I’m finished with you, if you do not go to whatever plane in Oblivion you come from you COWARD!

Some quotes from Sashja:

Rasava: “Mrowl! That potion Tastes of Ass!”

Sashja: “I don’t want to know how you know the taste of ass.”

Sashja: “Talos, have I wronged you or failed to hold unto you and your will? Are these two your punishment, or must I shepherd them to the light?”

Said after Rasava was asked by Celeyane about why he’s so excited to go to a dinner suspected to be held by a cultist of Sheogorath.


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