"Ra'sava thinks this will not end well"


Ra’sava, lean and dark furred would remind many of a deadly jungle predator save that he is perpetually adorned with the wounds of his accident prone life. Most people come to see Ra’sava as little more then an overgrown ally cat. Having come to Skyrim with no more than the cloths on his back he has taken to scavenging for weapons and armor adding to his ally cat mystique with his miss-matched clothing and weaponry. In spite of all this he carries himself with true feline pride and a bizarre sort of optimism.


Ra’sava was born in the jungles of his peoples native lands. He grew up like many Khajiit but was so reknown for his bad luck he earned the name Ra’sava the luckless or sometimes Unlucky Ra’sava.

Most of his young life he could never explain his poor luck and thus worked hard to devlop skills because he could never rely on luck to go his way.
The Truth is a darker one as is often the case. In the years following the Oblivion Crisis the Dark Brotherhood had become little more then a business of petty murderers and Ra’savas Mother was one of the best among them. Reknown for her amazing luck but none could say why fate seemed to favor her so. In truth she had only given birth to Ra’sava, a child born of seduction and lies, so she could use her kitten in a twisted ritual where she sacrificed her own kittens luck to Mephala and stole it for herself.

Ra’sava never knew his father, a Khajiit merchant who his mother used for her own amusement, and his mother barely cared if he was even alive abandoning him to be raised by his uncle and aunt. As Unlucky Ra’sava grew older he began to resent the fickle hand of fate. Where it seemed it mattered not if you were kind or cruel, bad people trod upon the good and luck was handed out without regard for the consequences.

This all came to a boiling point when his adopted parents were arrested under false accusations of being skooma dealers. Unlucky Ra’sava had lost too much to the whims of a cruel world and decided he would be the hand to balance the scales. With the training his uncle a professional alchemist and his aunt a huntress had given him Ra’sava donned a mask and set out to free his adopted parents and force luck to bend to his will.

Ra’sava poisoned the guards with moonsuger laced meat, and when they fell into a deep sleep he crept past freeing his adopted family and fleeing in the cover of night taking a ship cryodil. It was on the vessal his uncle and aunt told him the truth of his mother and his luckless fate.

Unable to bring himself to hate his mother Ra’sava now seeks to make his fortune in the merchantile trade.


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