K'jaarti the Quick

"K'jaarti knows he will beat you, because he is K'jaarti" -K'jaarti the Quick.. Moments before he Drank an Invisibility Potion to Flee


K’jaarti the Quick.
A Khajiit of seemingly low morals, willing to do anything for anyone, at the right price.
Need Skooma sold? K’jaarti is your Cat.
Need Something Stolen? K’jaarti is your Cat.
Need Someone Disappeared? K’jaarti is still your Cat.

Just make sure to pay him after the Job."

  • Personality and Mannerisms.
    K’jaarti is fond of theatrics and will often try to put on a show, more than he will fight. Or watch and let things play out whilst enjoying the Show, before introducing the star performer.. himself.
    This comes out often, especially when he is outnumbered or outclassed. He usually attempts to bluff his way through things to make himself either seem crazy, or highly capable.
    He also seems to possess very few morals, or at least has a moral compass which is slightly askew. He frequently lives up to every Khajiit stereotype and does so purposely.
  • Physical Description.
    K’jaarti stands at five foot nine, his fur is matte black and he always dresses in loose fitting yet practical clothing, and is very rarely seen wearing armour.
    He occasionally dyes some of the fur on his face to mask his appearance so he may more easily slip in and out of towns and cities unnoticed.
    His favoured weapon seems to be a Saber, but it is likely that he has an assorted amount of daggers squirreled away.

K'jaarti the Quick

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